14.07.2024 10:21:00
Ancient Kahib revives in Dagestan
14.07.2024 09:23:00
School of Creative Industries opens in Dagestan
13.07.2024 23:29:00
Batyrgaziev - Interim WBA World Champion
13.07.2024 23:00:00
Makhachkala hosts mobile exhibition of graphic works "Costumes of the Caucasus"
12.07.2024 21:03:00
Specialists start overhaul of turbine in one of hydroelectric units in Dagestan
12.07.2024 20:59:00
"Dagestani weapons" exhibition opens in Tula
12.07.2024 20:47:00
Increase in fuel prices in Dagestan is one of highest in Russia
12.07.2024 20:44:00
Defense plant in Dagestan launches production of medical oxygen and nitrogen
11.07.2024 18:21:00
Ukraine refuses prisoners’ exchange
11.07.2024 17:06:00
Dagestani delegation led by Sergei Melikov to participate in Caucasus Investment Forum
11.07.2024 16:57:00
"Manchester United" signs contract with Dagestani Amir Ibragimov
11.07.2024 16:53:00
Muslim Gadzhimagomedov plans to win WBA championship belt ahead of schedule
11.07.2024 16:44:00
Approx. 700 million fish of different species released into waters of Dagestan for 10 years
11.07.2024 11:54:00
NATO to face mobilization challenges in case of conflict with Russia
10.07.2024 22:13:00
Additional teams of specialists to arrive in Dagestan to eliminate violations at power facilities
10.07.2024 22:08:00
Dagestan increases volume of shipped industrial products up to RUB 36,1 billion
10.07.2024 11:03:00
Salta underground waterfall enters top 10 picturesque waterfalls of Russia
09.07.2024 17:47:00
Exhibition "Russia of the Future" opens in Makhachkala
09.07.2024 17:32:00
Dagestan develops new plan for development of energy complex
09.07.2024 17:21:00
Video clips about Dagestan's tourist potential became winners of All-Russia contest