26.06.2024 10:09:00
Dagestan cannery launches new compote production line
25.06.2024 18:59:00
Tour operators note decrease in sales of tours to Dagestan
25.06.2024 18:54:00
Problems of infertility discussed at conference in Dagestan
25.06.2024 15:39:00
Defense plant in Dagestan added to EU sanctions lists
25.06.2024 15:39:00
Industrial production in Dagestan shows growth in first quarter of 2024
24.06.2024 15:41:00
Growth of energy consumption in Dagestan in last 3 years amounts to 25%
24.06.2024 15:35:00
Tour operators do not see sharp increase in cancellations due to armed incidents in Dagestan
23.06.2024 23:36:00
More than 2 thousand hectares of gardens laid in Dagestan in 18 months
22.06.2024 22:24:00
Magomed Gadzhiyasulov makes UFC debut with a win
22.06.2024 22:05:00
New specially protected natural area created in Dagestan
22.06.2024 21:58:00
Dagestan Industrial Development Fund supports local company's project to build modular hotels
22.06.2024 21:47:00
Makhachkala seaport increases cargo handling by 3%
22.06.2024 21:01:00
Dagestan plans to reduce share of foreign workers by 30%
22.06.2024 16:09:00
China becomes more popular as holiday destination among Dagestanis
21.06.2024 20:12:00
Dagestan authorities to work out volleyball development program
21.06.2024 09:40:00
Dagestan to host regional stage of All-Russian job fair
20.06.2024 19:02:00
RUB 4 billion of shareholders' funds accumulated in bank accounts in Dagestan
20.06.2024 18:53:00
Makhachkala to celebrate Day of Folk Arts and Crafts
20.06.2024 18:47:00
Beaches in Kayakent district recognized cleanest in Dagestan
20.06.2024 18:29:00
Kurban Berdyev receives “Honored Coach of Dagestan” title