19.12.2014 17:15:37
Asphalt plant producing 600 tons of asphalt concrete per shift opened in Makhachkala
19.12.2014 15:53:56
Gunsmith Gadji Kurbankadiev granted diploma of "Most Open Person-2014" contest
19.12.2014 11:48:51
Rector of Dagestan State University takes part in meeting of NCFD Rector Council
18.12.2014 17:33:14
Documentary "The Muslims Russia is proud of" to be presented in permanent representation of Dagestan in Moscow
18.12.2014 16:49:56
Ramazan Abdulatipov: "The national press should become the spirit of the peoples of Dagestan"
18.12.2014 16:35:48
Mansur Issaev wins international club tournament in Monaco
18.12.2014 15:35:13
Dagestani judokas to perform at European club championships
18.12.2014 13:30:54
Dagestani Head presents Ali Mouhiddin Al-Karadagi with memorable gift
18.12.2014 10:28:03
Investments in Dagestan economy increased by 9.3% in 2014
17.12.2014 15:25:22
"Dagestan ethnographic expedition" art project to be presented in Moscow
17.12.2014 12:21:31
57 orphans provided with housing in Dagestan in 2014
17.12.2014 10:05:52
Aquatic biological resources yield to reach 3,565 tons by end of 2014 in Dagestan – Dagestan Ministry of Agriculture
16.12.2014 15:04:48
Dagestan Oil and Gas Company to produce 7 million tons of oil a year
16.12.2014 13:02:42
Dagestan shows highest sports results in Russia – Gaidarbek Gaidarbekov
16.12.2014 10:55:15
Best Dagestani athletes-2014 announced
15.12.2014 17:18:30
Dagestan Guarantee Fund director participates in XII Regional Investment Congress
15.12.2014 16:33:09
Judoka Renat Sahidov wins Grand Slam tournament
15.12.2014 15:56:29
DSTU delegation takes part in the All-Russian Student Forum
15.12.2014 15:29:54
OLD SCHOOL MMA club opens in Makhachkala
15.12.2014 14:23:35
Dagestan sends humanitarian aid to Ukrainians