20.10.2014 16:42:46
Makhachkala to host "Exclusive Jeweller - 2014" exhibition
20.10.2014 15:44:32
Daghestani swimmer wins five races in SKFO championship
20.10.2014 13:39:02
Daghestan among regions actively introducing electronic document management system "Delo"
20.10.2014 13:06:39
Ramazan Abdulatipov pays a working visit to Charodinskiy district of Daghestan
20.10.2014 12:08:55
Daghestan ministry of industry discuss "Daghestan Certification Mark" contest
20.10.2014 10:02:53
"Long live forest!" campaign underway in Daghestan
17.10.2014 18:28:07
Khizri Shikhsaidov holds meeting on developing viticulture in Daghestan
17.10.2014 14:23:42
50 producers presented at interregional multi-sector exhibition Daghestan Trade-2014
17.10.2014 11:16:47
Omari Akhmedov to have another UFC fight
16.10.2014 18:12:12
"Start your business" workshop held in Daghestan Entrepreneurship Development Center
16.10.2014 15:10:32
Daghestan ministry of industry invites heads of exporting enterprises to take part in international forum in Pyatigorsk
16.10.2014 11:06:23
Russian State Duma to host Daghestan Days
15.10.2014 18:51:26
Daghestani-organized "New Stream in Moscow" tournament to present 11 fights
15.10.2014 13:47:15
Emergent entrepreneurs able to apply for grants for developing businesses
15.10.2014 11:43:56
Daghestani athletes win medals of international taekwondo tournament
14.10.2014 18:42:10
Daghestan team wins Russian club championships in full-contact hand-to-hand fight
14.10.2014 15:40:21
Daghestani karateka to perform at world championships
14.10.2014 12:38:39
Daghestan to hold interregional trade exhibition «Dagestan Trade-2014"
14.10.2014 09:36:17
American ethnographer meets with students of Daghestan State Technical University
13.10.2014 18:34:04
"Digital Library – books by click" project presented in Makhachkala