17.06.2014 12:02:38
Daghestan mission officials visit Nepali house in "Ethnic World"
17.06.2014 11:01:10
Daghestan athletes obtain nine medals at the World Cup on Mixed Martial Arts
17.06.2014 11:00:43
Abdussamad Gamidov meets with deputy Russian minister of finance
16.06.2014 17:38:35
Peter Ten signs a contract with "Anzhi"
16.06.2014 17:00:23
Makhachkala to host "Caucasian Games" festival
16.06.2014 15:31:13
Magomed Isayev participates in a meeting of tourism ministers in Sochi
16.06.2014 14:33:09
Daghestani athletes win international tournament on professional fights "Best of the Best"
16.06.2014 14:00:28
Daghestan’s industrial production index adds 24.1 % in 2014
16.06.2014 12:20:44
Daghestan officials participate in forum "Caucasus today, tomorrow..." in Vladikavkaz
16.06.2014 11:39:57
Daghestani Head visits Situation Centre for Unified State Examination-2014
16.06.2014 10:29:57
Daghestan State Technical University staff participates in a refresher workshop in Moscow
16.06.2014 09:43:09
Athletes of Daghestan Pankration Federation gain 12 medals in the Russian championship
11.06.2014 13:44:45
Renat Saidov gains a gold medal in International Judo Tournament in Havana
11.06.2014 12:00:11
8th interregional jewelry exhibition "Gold of Russia"-"World of Stone" starts in Daghestan
11.06.2014 11:39:13
Daghestan athlete wins gold of European regions’ karate championship
11.06.2014 10:33:58
Foreign graduate students from Daghestan State University return in triumph from Russian show of scientific and creative works
11.06.2014 10:23:06
Daghestani kickboxers win World Cup
10.06.2014 17:20:01
Daghestan intends to cooperate with Minsk in trade-economic and agro-industrial sectors
10.06.2014 16:51:34
Daghestan Tourism Committee discuss preparations for international tourist forum "Open Daghestan-2014"
10.06.2014 12:19:42
Modern asphalt plant being assembled in mountain Daghestan