28.02.2014 15:44:10
Ramazan Abdulatipov: "Affordable Healthcare Is Main Priority"
28.02.2014 15:34:20
Daghestan tourism development potential is discussed with Daghestani representatives in Russian regions at interregional videoconference
27.02.2014 15:49:42
Russian culture celebration "Pancake Week" is held in Makhachkala
27.02.2014 15:47:22
Daghestani farmer is awarded Terentiy Maltsev medal
26.02.2014 15:57:15
Ramazan Abdulatipov "Freestyle wrestling is our tradition"
26.02.2014 15:54:55
Daghestani businessmen are invited to participate in 1st Russian young entrepreneurs’ forum
25.02.2014 16:01:49
Higher education development prospects in North Caucasus Federal District are discussed in Pyatigorsk
25.02.2014 15:31:56
Daghestani State Choir to participate in the opening ceremony of Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games
25.02.2014 15:14:31
Czech experts to test Daghestan limestone, clay and pyrite cinders
25.02.2014 12:24:09
Prospects for tourism development in Daghestan to be discussed within an interregional interactive videoconference
24.02.2014 16:04:15
New major investment development bank to appear in Daghestan
24.02.2014 13:30:32
Daghestani ministry of trade and investment to support solid waste processing plant with capacity for 350,000 tons per year
24.02.2014 13:27:30
Press conference on native languages development is held in Daghestani ministry of nationalities
21.02.2014 15:34:56
Kindergartens and a school being built in Makhachkala
21.02.2014 13:33:59
Caring for regions’ investment attractiveness
20.02.2014 13:40:11
Daghestan Pankration Federation’s fighters to participate in international tournament in Moscow
20.02.2014 13:37:03
Paying attention to tolerance and intercultural dialogue
19.02.2014 16:12:40
Daghestani craftsmen provide master classes in Sochi
19.02.2014 16:06:10
Russian famous actors Tatiana Arntgolts and Gregory Antipenko first visit Makhachkala
19.02.2014 13:41:54
Daghestani government sign cooperation agreements with foreign companies