No ethnic conflict in Caucasus - Sergey Melikov

Makhachkala, March 31, 2015. To date, there is no ethnic or religious conflicts in the Northern Caucasus, the Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in the North Caucasian Federal District Sergey Melikov said at the regular meeting with the editors of federal and regional media in Pyatigorsk, responding to Maria Sidelnikova’s question, the chief editor of the "Vestnik Kavkaza". To illustrate this situation, the envoy gave several examples.

"Take, for example the Kabardino-Balkaria, I believe, this is one of the most exemplary subjects where internal ethnic issues have been exhausted. Someone is constantly trying to somehow split the Kabardians and Balkars from outside the republic, but it does not work. Another example is Chechnya and Ingushetia. Today there are no territorial claims between the two republics of the Russian Federation in terms of boundaries. Yes, under certain circumstances several settlements of the former Chechen-Ingushetia in Sunzha district remained on the territory of Ingushetia, and some - in the Chechen Republic. But, I never saw that the residents of Assinovskaya settlement displayed misunderstanding towards the residents of the village Nesterovskaya. There are no complaints, only some kind of misunderstanding coming from the fact that the administrative boundary has not been legalized in the administrative and business plan, and there are problems with registration" - Sergey Melikov said.

According to S. Melikov, these problems become the subject of controversy at the level of government entities, but not the conflict at the national level. “This conflict does not exist and is largely inflated by those who actually wish to receive certain economic and political dividends”.

Sergey Melikov noted that similar contradictions exist in other regions of Russia. "I say absolutely frankly, the same thing, for example, takes place between Moscow and the Moscow region. The existing economic contradictions, which, unfortunately, to date, sometimes for one reason or another gain the pretext for all kinds of social tensions and protests"- S. Melikov noted.

The Presidential Envoy pointed out whenever confrontation escalates into a conflict, it is a man-made process from the outside. "It means that certain structures attempts to organize and back up the conflict. In fact, they are not always posted, representing" Al-Qaeda ", the CIA, or someone else, they may be even our unscrupulous officials, who are trying to hide corruption by protest actions or the non-profit organizations financed from abroad that are trying to hide their criminal status by the problems of inter-ethnic conflict. And I urge the authorities and the media, to very carefully treat such events and to uncover the provocative motives"- Sergey Melikov said.

According to Sergey Melikov, the Caucasus today is on the start of a new epoch, "when it will no longer have hang tags "terrible" and "dangerous" to become, on the contrary, prosperous and attractive.

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