12 new gas stations to be built along "Kavkaz" highway in Dagestan

12 new gas stations will be constructed along the federal highway "Kavkaz" in Dagestan. At the same time, the local authorities intend to launch major overhaul of the road. The gas stations are in strong need because of an increased traffic of vehicles coming from Azerbaijan via the North-South transport corridor.

As to Sergei Melikov, the head of the republic, the neighboring states are interested in development of logistics infrastructure in the region. At the moment, Dagestan authorities are selecting plots for the construction of gas stations. The refueling stations will be located in convenient places for efficient work. The construction of gas stations will be carried out simultaneously with the overhaul of the road.

Besides, four checkpoints on the border with Azerbaijan are being repaired nowadays. The completion of repair is scheduled for the end of the year. After modernization of the North-South transport corridor the number of cars going through Dagestan is expected to significantly increase.

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