Dagestan company supplies first batch of greenhouses to Abkhazia

Dagestan company NPK Niva Greenhouses LLC has delivered the first batch of greenhouses to Abkhazia, the company's general director Umar Musayev says. As to Musayev, the value of the contract for the supply of the first trial batch exceeds 1 million rubles.

"We plan to conclude contracts worth approx. 90 million rubles" Musayev said, noting that the company has experience in exporting greenhouses to a number of foreign countries. Musayev specified that the company has been supplying greenhouses to Uzbekistan since 2018, and it entered other markets in 2019 - the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

"We supply metal structures and equipment for greenhouses according to European technologies adapted to Russian climatic conditions" – the company director explains.

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