Dagestan products are exported to 40 countries of world

This has been announced by Ruslan Abaskuliev, the head of Dagestan Export Support Center. As to Abaskuliev, the volume of exports is growing and has long ago crossed the 100-million-dollar threshold. The range of products exported fr om the republic is also expanding. In addition to agricultural products, the lineup of goods includes more and more industrial pieces.

There are also high-tech products, for example the uranium detection sensors. Separators from Makhachkala plant are also in demand abroad.

Apart from the traditional markets, new markets open up for Dagestan at present. It is about Iraq, Oman, Afghanistan, which are increasingly showing interest in Dagestan exporters, thus competing with Saudi Arabia and Iran, wh ere Dagestan mutton is traditionally supplied. Meat from Dagestan is also bought in Central Asian countries, but exports do not exceed 1 percent of the total volume of mutton grown in the republic.

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