Dagestan's first solar power plant operates in Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk


The first solar power plant in Dagestan produced about 20 million kilowatt hours last year. This amount of energy can supply the city with 130 thousand residents. The solar power plant is located on an area equivalent to 40 football fields. It was commissioned in 2022 and had already produced 20 million kilowatt hours in 2023. The peak of production was in August, but the plant does not stop working even in winter.

In total, there are more than 700 tables, each with more than 50 panels. All the energy generated is routed to the DC switchboards. Here the current loads are registered.

Then all the generated power goes to the inverter stations. The electricity becomes part of the unified energy system of the region and is distributed to the consumers - both to the residential sector and to industrial enterprises.

The development of power generation based on renewable energy sources is one of the main directions of the strategy of social and economic development of the North Caucasian Federal District. In the next few years more renewable energy facilities will be built in the region.

New methods of power generation meet environmental standards. For example, a solar power plant allows to reduce the production of carbon dioxide by 7 thousand tons per year. The panels contain silicon; after 25 years, when they have lost 80 percent of their capacity, they are recycled and new panels are made.

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