Export volumes in Dagestan increases by 38% - up to 114 million dollars in 2023

In 2023 export volumes in Dagestan increased by 38% to $114 million, Ruslan Abaskuliev, the head of the regional Export Support Center said. According to the oficial, these figures have become a record for the last few years. "For example, in 2021, export volumes amounted to $67 million. In total, we have about 100 export-oriented companies in the region" Abaskuliyev said, specifying that in 2023, 15 enterprises entered foreign markets.

The increase in volumes was achieved, among other things, through business missions of Dagestani entrepreneurs to a number of foreign countries. Besides, 15 export contracts were signed in 2023 for a total amount of $6.3 million. According to the data of the Export Support Center, the total volume of exports is dominated by products of the agro-industrial complex - mineral water, vegetables, meat and grain.

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