Fish meal and fish feed plant to be constructed in Dagestan

The prime minister of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov has recently met with Andrei Tarasenko, the acting general director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "National Fish Resources". The parties discussed issues related to the construction of a plant for the production of fish meal and sterilized fish feed in the region and signed a co-operation agreement.

As to Tarasenko, the plant will have a capacity of 400 tons per day and can multiply the production volumes in future. "One vessel takes about 100-110 tons of fish per day. With such volumes the enterprise will be quickly loaded. We also plan to build a refrigerator for at least 15,000 tons. The refrigerator is needed for the development of canning production. Dagestan is an active region with great opportunities and the fishing industry is one of the most promising one here. We are very glad that we are coming to the republic and can implement such a useful project on the Caspian Sea for the residents of the region and the whole country" - Tarasenko confessed.

In his turn, Abdulmuslimov expressed gratitude for the initiative to implement the project. "The construction of such a plant is necessary for us, especially taking into account the prospects of aquaculture production. Last year, the volume of trout farming increased from 152 to 420 tons. The trout farming is rapidly developing direction which indicates the need for fish feed in the region. We are maximally interested in building this enterprise" - Abdulmuslimov pointed out.

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