Makhachkala pulls ahead in price growth for new apartments in 2023

In 2023 the average price of an apartment in a new building increased in different cities of Russia, the federal portal "Apartments’ World" reports.

The average price rose most of all in Makhachkala (+104%), Nizhny Tagil (+52.9%), Kirov (+49.4%), Novokuznetsk (+44.9%), Magnitogorsk (+41.9%), Chelyabinsk (+40.8%), Murmansk (+40.3%), Tomsk (+39.7%), Naberezhnye Chelny (+34.1%) and Ivanovo (+32.1%).

"This year, as in the past one, favorable mortgages triggered demand and prices in the market of new apartments. Despite the tightened conditions, they still remained acceptable in most cities. So in the first half of the year, before the cancellation of this program, further price growth is possible", - the director general of the federal portal Pavel Lutsenko explains.

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