New ropeway in Derbent to be built under concession agreement


This has been announced by Isa Magomedov, advisor to the Mayor of Derbent. As to Magomedov, the ropeway project is included in the development plan of Derbent.

“We have repeatedly submitted applications for funding the project, but so far there has been no positive response. A separate proposal has been made to implement the project in the form of a concession. That is, if a private party comes, they will build, use it conditionally for 25 years and then give it back to the city” – Magomedov said.

The republican authorities are in negotiations with the Urbantech company, which display interest in implementing the project. People will be able to travel from a pier built on the embankment to the lower cable car station, go up to the citadel, visit it, and then walk through the city in the opposite direction on foot. Alternatively, after visiting Naryn-Kala citadel, they can take the cable car directly to the seaside at the lower ropeway station. The length of the ropeway will make more than 2,8 km., with the carrying capacity of 500 people per hour.

Earlier the Commercial Director of "Urbantech" Daniil Khazov reported that the project would create conditions for more than doubling the flow of tourists in the ancient city by 2027, reduce the human impact on cultural heritage objects and urban ecology as well as decrease the load on the transportation network.

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