Poultry farm invests 1 billion rubles in own expansion in Dagestan

Buynaksky Poultry Industry LLC implements a large-scale project on the territory of the village of Atlanaul located in Buynaksky municipal district. The investment project involves the production of up to 7 thousand tons of poultry meat in slaughter weight.

For this purpose, there will be constructed 30 poultry houses with the capacity of one-time planting of 500 thousand broilers. About 2.5 million heads of poultry for slaughter will be raised here per year. The work on the organization of the poultry breeding zone will be carried out in two stages; by spring 2024, 18 poultry houses are planned to be launched. As to company representative Kerim Davudov, the new facilities will be equipped with modern equipment.

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