Tax collections increases by 9% - up to 99.8 billion rubles in Dagestan in 2023

Receipts of taxes, fees and insurance contributions to the budgets of all levels in Dagestan increased by 8.9% - up to 99.8 billion rubles at the end of 2023. This has been announced by the chief tax officer of Dagestan Aidar Bayramov.

The consolidated budget of the Russian Federation received 63.3 billion rubles. The revenues of the consolidated budget of Dagestan amounted to 50.2 billion rubles (growth rate - 106.1%). According to Bayramov, the greatest growth was achieved in the sphere of personal income tax - increase in revenues by 59.2%, corporate income tax - 16.2%, property taxes - 17.9% and special tax regimes - 5.2%.

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