Abdul Magomedov's first solo exhibition "Painting" opens in Makhachkala

Makhachkala, August 18, 2015. The first solo exhibition "Painting" of Dagestan artist Abdula Magomedov, opened yesterday, August 17, in the Exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union of Dagestan. According to director of the exhibition hall, the honored artist of the republic Amirhan Magomedov, it was the love for the native land and the perfect knowledge of its history that helped Abdul Magomedov to determine his path in life and to express his own attitude to the art.

"The landscape painting had originally become a “decisive direction” in his creativity. It conveys the nature of the native village of Tidiba, they say, in its natural character. The main aesthetic content of the canvases is the attempt to transfer mood of nature, deeply associated with the mood of the author" - Magomedov pointed out.

The artist’s daughter Muslimat Magomedova said that her father had been preparing for the exhibition for over 5 years. "The exhibition represents only 1/5 of father‘s works. It was a very long time of preparation for the exhibition. He worried, he did not sleep at night, sometimes. My father devoted all his free time to the drawing and taught us to do the same"- Muslimat said.

Noteworthy, the exhibition presents about 65 paintings of Abdul Magomedov, including, in particular, the "Bride kidnapping", "Top", "Highlanders-Tlyarata, Tlyaratinsky District, Republic of Dagestan", "Naryn-Kala", as well as a picture, which depicts the artist's father. Exhibition will last until August 31.

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