Dagestan Union of Writers celebrates its 90th anniversary


Today the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Dagestan celebrates its 90th anniversary. The organization was founded in 1934. Its first chairman was Suleiman Stalsky, the founder of Lezgin, Dagestani, pre-Soviet poetry, whose 155th anniversary the republic celebrates this year.

Throughout its history, the creative association has undergone a path rich with events and notable figures, becoming an integral part of the cultural and social fabric of the region. Thanks to the contributions of prominent figures such as Rasul Gamzatov, Fazu Aliyeva, Efendi Kapiyev, Gamzat Tsadasa, Suleiman Stalsky, Ahmedkhan Abu-Bakar, Anvar Adzhiyev,  Yusup Khappalaev and others, the literature of Dagestan has gained widespread recognition both within the country and in the world.

The activity of the Union has always been aimed at development of national literature, strengthening of unity, spiritual and moral education of the young generation.

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