February 21 is International Mother Language Day

A living spring of thought, a soul and a storehouse of national wisdom, a precious heritage of ancestors... In such a metaphorical way the native speakers call their mother’s language. No language - no ethnos. There is no ancestral memory, which is absorbed into the blood with the words of a mother's lullaby, with grandmother's fairy tales, grandfather's wisdom, father's orders. Language is a treasure, which is inexcusable to forget, inadmissible to lose.

It is the protection of this priceless gift that is dedicated to the holiday, which for a quarter of a century is celebrated annually on February 21 on the initiative of UNESCO - the International Mother Language Day. This date is called to point out the importance and value of native languages, to note their uniqueness, beauty and diversity, as well as to contribute to the preservation and promotion of linguistic and cultural traditions of the peoples around the world.

The preservation of folk languages in the Northern Caucasus is not just an urgent but a vital task: it is hard to find such a linguistically rich macro-region on the planet, where dozens of unique peoples live in friendship and harmony.

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