Saratov residents may get familiarized with gold embroidery products of Dagestan

The exhibition "My Dagestan" prepared by the National Museum of the Republic of Dagestan named after Alibek Takho-Godi will open at Saratov Regional Museum of Local History on March 5.

Since ancient times Dagestan has been known as the "Land of Mountains" and the "Mountain of Languages". The territory of Dagestan, stretching from the south-eastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the south-west of the Caspian Lowland, is inhabited by ethnic groups speaking more than 30 languages and 70 dialects. The exhibition tells about the traditions, life and crafts of the peoples who created a unique mix of regional culture.

The visitors may get familiarized with the details of architectural decoration of mountain dwellings, views of villages, traditional costumes, a collection of gold embroidery, unique Kaitag embroidery and weapons, etc. The exhibition also includes the items of applied art: masterpieces from the village of Untsukul (the oldest center of woodworking, known for its unique craft of carving metal on hard wood), photographs - in total more than 200 authentic original artefacts.

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