Schoolgirl from Makhachkala wins St. Petersburg Youth History Forum

Christina Chigrina, a 10th-grade student at Multidisciplinary Lyceum No. 9 in Makhachkala, won the III St. Petersburg Youth History Forum 'Heroes of the Fatherland.' The event took place in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and Gazprom School St. Petersburg on April 3 - 5.

The schoolgirl presented her project on the Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens and its graduates in the context of women's education in Russia. Her work was among the 15 winning entries, according to the Multidisciplinary Lyceum. Over 900 students from 40 regions of Russia and other countries participated in the contest.

The forum's main theme was the Greatness of the Golden Age of Catherine, commemorating 295 years since the birth of the Russian Empress Catherine II. The event featured a rich educational and cultural program, including a plenary session, speeches by distinguished speakers, historical discussions, a film festival called 'Multifaceted Epoch,' and an excursion program.

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