1.6 thousand IVF to be carried out under national project "Demography" in Dagestan

On March 12, the acting deputy prime minister of the Republic of Dagestan Anatoly Karibov held a meeting of the project committee for the national project "Demography". The meeting participants reported on the results achieved and the prospects for future.

Within the framework of this national project, five regional programs are being implemented in the republic. It was noted that for the beginning of 2021, 38 198 needy families received monthly payments for the first child in the amount of 10.7 thousand rubles under the project "Financial support for families at the birth of children".

Within the framework of the same project, in 2021, it is planned to carry out 1.6 thousand cycles of in vitro fertilization for families suffering from infertility. 166 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes. Note for the present time this procedure has been carried out 203 times under the program.

The project "Older Generation" will provide 95% of elderly citizens for vaccination against pneumococcal infection. 22.8 thousand people of the older age group had already passed medical examination before the immunization procedure.

In 2021 within the framework of the regional project "Promotion of employment" it is planned to build and commission 57 kindergartens for 9100 children under 3 years old. At present, the construction and installation works had already been completed in 12 kindergartens. Permits for commissioning of facilities had been obtained for five facilities.

Besides, this year it is planned to improve the qualifications of 1.5 thousand management specialists in the field of education. As of March 1, 109 specialists have completed advanced training courses at Dagestan Institute for the Development of Education.

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