Dagestan develops new plan for development of energy complex


Dagestan authorities have announced the beginning of work on a new development plan for the republican energy sector. Details were provided by the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, in an official statement.

Dagestan is currently developing a new plan to modernize its energy infrastructure. Melikov highlighted the challenges the republic faces in the energy sector, including the fact that the current development program lags behind the growth of electricity consumption in Dagestan.

As a result, the administration has recognized the need to create a new plan that will better align with the development of the region.

"Instead of focusing on improving reliability today, we need to develop a more comprehensive plan for the power complex in Dagestan," said Melikov. "The increase in electricity demand shows that Dagestan is growing dynamically, albeit with challenges like emergency shutdowns and outdated networks."
- Sergei Melikov

It is assumed that the new plan will take into account the indicator of energy consumption for each municipality separately.

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