Dagestan joins "Clean Air" federal target project

As part of the Day of Ecology, an agreement on implementation of the federal project "Clean Air" was signed at the exhibition-forum "Russia" in Moscow.  The agreement was signed by Konstantin Tsyganov, the first deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and Nariman Abdulmutalibov, the vice premier of Government of the Republic of Dagestan.

Noteworthy, in 2023, 29 cities, including Makhachkala, will join the project.

Commenting on the event, Abdulmutalibov noted that all the measures by republican authorotoes aimed at reducing air pollution were supported by the Ministry for Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.  

"Among the measures proposed to reduce the negative impact on the atmosphere in the capital of the republic, we can highlight the next directions: the transfer of transport to gas and other ecological types of fuel, the development of a network of gas and electric refueling stations, the control over the quality of fuel, the development of a monitoring network, a ban on the entry of trucks into the city etc.," - Abdulmutalibov said.

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