Dagestan ranks first across North Caucasian Federal District to create national system of spatial data

Today, February 1, the Prime Minister of Dagestan A.Abdulmuslimov took part in the workshop - meeting with the heads of municipal and urban districts of the region to check the progress of implementation of the state programme "National system of spatial data". The event was held in Dagestan State University of National Economy.

Opening the meeting, the Prime Minister of the republic greeted the participants of the event and reminded that the implementation of the programme "National Spatial Data System" was launched in 2022 by order of Dagestani Head Sergei Melikov and the initiative by the management of Rosreestr across the republic.

"What does the programme consist of? It is a uniform digital platform which will be created on a national scale and will unite the data on the land and real estate objects", - Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov explained to the audience.

As to the top official, Dagestan is one of few subjects of the Russian Federation that joined this work at the initial stage. At present, the information on buildings, structures, land plots, agricultural and hunting grounds, boundaries of settlements and public servitudes, flooding zones, water protection zones, cultural heritage sites, special protected areas, special economic zones, advanced development territories is departmentally fragmented and located in different information systems.

To date, the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Dagestan has worked out and approved with all municipalities the relevant action plans for describing the location of municipal boundaries, territorial zones and identifying the rights holders of previously recorded real estate until 2027.

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