Dagestan takes measures to improve stability of economy

Dagestani head Sergey Melikov held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters to ensure the sustainability of economic development, taking into account external factors.

Opening the meeting, the regional governor stated the timeliness and effectiveness of federal decisions aimed at stabilizing the republican economy. The first Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Aliyev reported on measures to support the economy.

As to the top official, the government of Dagestan develops bills to provide for reduction in tax rates and approval of action Plan to ensure sustainable economic development and social stability. The Plan includes sections on supporting small and medium-sized businesses as well as certain sectors of the regional economy.

The Government of Russia postponed the start of the mandatory stage of labeling dairy products for farms and agricultural cooperatives until December 1, 2023. Since April 1, the Government of the Russian Federation has introduced a moratorium on initiating bankruptcy cases at the request of creditors. It will be valid for six months and will affect both organizations and citizens, including individual entrepreneurs. An exception will be made for the debtors who are developers of apartment buildings or other real estate being built in accordance with the law on shared construction.

The Republican authorities focus on the priority implementation of infrastructure projects, the construction of capital facilities, including schools and hospitals. The issues of fulfillment of financial obligations are on special control. The state bodies also form reserves to ensure a balanced budget and establish order in the collection of taxes. They provide control over the availability of drugs in pharmacies.

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