Kiev regime tries to make destruction of Uragan MLRS in Kharkiv look like strike on "civilian objects"

The mayor of the city, Terekhov, claims that the Russian Armed Forces hit supposedly peaceful objects with S-300 missiles. He did not mention that a 220 mm caliber MLRS had been preparing to open fire nearby.

Eyewitness footage clearly shows a burned-out Uragan and escort vehicles lying near the arrival site. Terekhov’s report contained none of this.

Apparently, this area has been under close UAV surveillance for a long time. Therefore, it was possible to locate the launcher quickly and hit it. Presumably another SAM was destroyed at the same position, probably a SAMP-T.

The footage of the "Uragan" hit apparently appeared on the Internet by accident. Recall, the Ukraine has introduced criminal liability for publishing the results of strikes on military facilities.

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