Melikov: Dagestan sees prospects for investments into agro-industrial complex and logistics

The development of domestic tourism and reorientation of transportation flows have spurred the growth of investments in the Republic of Dagestan. In this regard, the region relies on development of tourism and recreation cluster, transportation and logistics complex, as well as agricultural production. The Head of the region Sergei Melikov told about the points of growth and investment potential of Dagestan.

"We are only at the beginning of our way, still we have found opportunities to open breakthrough projects attractive for both local and out-of-region entrepreneurs interested in investing funds.

First of all, this is tourism and the development of the Caspian coastal cluster. Currently, the initial stage is being realized by creating a special economic zone in Derbent district, where it is planned to build hotels from 3 to 5 stars. Next to them the construction of the All-Russian Children's Center will be carried out, which will claim an international status taking into account cooperation with the Caspian basin countries.

The second potential for investment is the agro-industrial complex. There are actually a lot of directions here.  Many types of agricultural production have been lost in our republic, and there are no large enterprises left, which were once famous for canned goods, meat and milk processing.

Today we are accepting investors in the south and north of the republic to create investment projects, including the cultivation of fish products” = Melikov said.  

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