Ministry of Construction introduce new informational system of construction supervision

The Ministry of Construction of the republic of Dagestan introduces a new information system of construction supervision "Accent - Construction Supervision". The system is necessary to improve the efficiency and quality of supervision over state construction and joint construction projects. It automates the processes of control and supervision, helps to create all necessary documents and solves the tasks of control over shared construction and unauthorized objects.  

The system is also harmoniously integrated with other digital systems in the construction sector.  

Currently, the Ministry employees together with the system developers are conducting internal tests of integration between the ISMS and Accent - Construction Supervision systems. This is done to ensure smooth transfer of information between the systems.  

It should also be noted that since the end of 2023 the Department of State Construction Supervision of the Ministry of Construction RD started using the departmental system "Accent - Construction Supervision ", which means that the process of collecting, processing and storing information was automated.

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