Motor transport enterprises of Dagestan to merge into one organization


The transport authorities of Dagestan continue the process of liquidating state-owned passenger organizations. Specifically, at the beginning of June, the government of the Republic of Dagestan decided to merge the joint-stock company "Makhachkala Autokolonna 1736" with the joint-stock company "Kaspiyskoye ATP", creating a new entity known as the joint-stock company "Dagestanavtotrans."

Later, on July 4th, the Government of the Republic of Dagestan decided to liquidate Makhachkala Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise No. 1, a state-owned unitary enterprise. According to the Minister of Transport and Roads of Dagestan, Dzhambulat Salavov, the transport companies in the republic will be merged into a single organization called Dagavtotrans in the next couple of months. The process is expected to be completed within the next two months.

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