Renowned American journalist Tucker Carlson visits the Russia International Exhibition and Forum

Before leaving Russia, Mr. Carlson toured all 89 stands in Pavilion 75, which showcases the achievements, cultural features and tourism opportunities of all Russian regions. The American journalist also visited the expositions of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Atom pavilion. Mr. Carlson was amazed by the scale and diversity of Russia and a lot of things were truly an eye-opener for him.

Carlson Tucker stayed in Moscow for almost a week, devoting one day to familiarizing himself with Russia's achievements. "We do this because it's our job. We do journalism, our duty is to inform people... Russia is the largest land in the world. It is home to 150 million people. There are more than eighty regions, different nationalities, religions, languages," the journalist is quoted as saying.

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