Sergei Melikov and Andrei Yumshanov discuss mechanisms of state support for investment projects in Dagestan

The Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov held a meeting with the director general of the Development Institute, Andrey Yumshanov, to discuss the implementation of investment projects in the republic, including those in the spheres of industry and tourism.

The parties considered the progress of implementation of such projects as production of concentrated juices, purees and nectars by LLC "Hazar", the production of juices by LLC "Irib", the construction of glass furnace for production of textile fiberglass by LLC "Caspian Fiberglass Plant" etc.

The top officials paid particular attention to the most problematic issues constraining the creation of a sea resort within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) "Caspian Cluster". As noted, the infrastructural constraints – laying of water pipe and electric line as well as the legal status of the lands included in the SEZ territory were among the most discussed issues.

It is reported that the day before, the delegation of met with the heads of relevant departments of the regional government and presented a preliminary draft plan of the future zone of an all-season resort on the coast. At the moment town-planning institute "Mirproekt" entered the pre-project stage and completes marketing research on positioning of the resort and the volume of potential tourist flow.

Besides, the meeting participants discussed the implementation of breakthrough projects of the republic and options for obtaining state support through the mechanisms of Kavkaz.RF and other development institutions.

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