Tucker Carlson visited Dagestan's pavilion at international exhibition-forum "Russia"

American columnist Tucker Carlson visited Dagestan pavilion at the international exhibition-forum "Russia" held these days in the VDNKh in Moscow.

Recall, on the night of February 9, Tucker Carlson posted a two-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on his website and various platforms. Since its publication, it gained over 170 million views on the social network X and more than 10 million in YouTube.  

The journalist's attention was drawn to Dagestan pavilion where a stylized image of the Naryn-Kala citadel is presented. There is an interactive table with tags that, when touched, display photo and video information about education-related projects.

In different zones of Dagestan pavilion one can immerse oneself in the culture of the republic, plunge into the atmosphere of natural beauties and sights, get familiarized with folk art crafts. With the help of the video series "Portal to the Republic of Dagestan" one can dive into the depths of the Samur forest, virtually travel around Dagestan and use a map of the region to explore popular tourist routes.

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