Closed screening of "Live for God" film held in Makhachkala

A private screening of the documentary "Live for God" has taken place in the Republican Library in Makhachkala. This story is about a man who wanted to give his life for false ideals. As to the producer, director and screenwriter of the film Magomed Medzhidov, the film is about how he met a young man in 2012 who wanted to leave his homeland to die on the way to God in distant Syria.

Then Medzhidov (a theologian by profession) asked him: “Why is it necessary to die on the way to God?”. In the course of further dialogue, he convinced the guy to live in his native land. “The topic is not new for us; we have been working in this vein (countering the ideas of extremism) for many years, making programs on the TNT and Domashny TV channels.

Besides, in 2004, with a friend and colleague Abdulla Alishaev, we filmed a full-length film “Ordinary Wahhabism”. Also in 2010, our team implemented two more projects on similar topics: “20 years later” (about the events in Dagestan in 1999) and “Under the same sky” (about interfaith harmony)” -Medzhidov said.

According to Medzhidov, the audience liked the film at the closed screening. An open screening is scheduled for January 2022. “Live for God” was filmed by order of the Ministry of Culture of Dagestan as part of a program to counter the ideas of terrorism and extremism.

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