Dagestan engineers invent robot salesmen on wheels

Students - physicists from Makhachkala have invented compact electric cars for business. The demand for the innovative equipment is high, but only three people are engaged in its production so far. Three engineers from Dagestan made Russia's first self-propelled machines for business. To do this, they installed sales equipment on an electric car. According to the inventors, the robot vendor will be able to sell a variety of products.

"To make a sales outlet, many manufacturers first buy a car, then invest in equipment. We make our machines from scratch and offer a finished product"- Kurbanali Musayev is quoted as saying.

The physicists use only Russian components to make the cars. Their inventions can reach speeds from 20 to 100 kilometers per hour, depending on battery capacity. Many entrepreneurs have already ordered similar electric cars. Some have chosen a universal robot, while others have chosen mini pavilions on wheels.

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