Dagestan enters top list of most desirable regions for vacations

Dagestan has been included into the top 15 regions where Russians would like to spend their vacations. The rating was compiled by the research department of the hh.ru service based on the results of user surveys.

As to the research organizers, Dagestan had already occupied the top position of the rating last year, but with lower results.

The representative of the National Union of Hospitality Industry of the Russian Federation across the North Caucasus Federal District Anna Naumova told that she had just returned fr om one of the North-Caucasian republics, wh ere she made an expert tour dedicated to the development of tourism potential.
"Dagestan's success is well-deserved. Over the past ten years, the local authorities have been working hard to attract tourists. The Republic is now vividly represented at all tourist exhibitions. For present, the tourist import substitution works as well. Many countries are closed, but Russians still want to touch new traditions, try authentic food, learn the history of peoples. Dagestan is very rich in this respect. A huge number of nationalities and ethnic groups who speak different languages live there compactly. Many crafts and unique cuisine have been preserved there. And all this is actively promoted by travel agencies, social networks, the regional state bodies and the residents themselves. A large information flow stimulates interest - Naumova says

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