Dagestan sends 60 tons of humanitarian cargo to flood victims in Orenburg region


5 trucks with humanitarian cargo left Dagestan today for the Orenburg region, where a state of emergency was declared due to the flooding that began in late March. Early April saw the situation worsen after a dam on the Ural River near Orsk burst, causing further flooding.

More than 60 tons of drinking water and 500 kilograms of personal hygiene products, including disinfectants, detergents, candles, matches, and other supplies were sent.

“The Orenburg region governor, Denis Pasler, told us that the region needed drinking water and disinfectants. There were no problems with food, and there are no strangers here, we are all close to our fellow citizens from the Orenburg region." - A.Abdulmuslimov, Dagestani Prime Minister said.

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