Dagestan to develop human resources in IT sector

Currently, four higher education institutions and 22 professional educational organizations train IT specialists in the region.  Over 600 organizations in Dagestan are involved in the sphere of information and communication technologies.

Experts say about big demand for IT specialists in state and municipal sectors, IT companies and other organizations. As to the representatives of these companies the demand for IT specialists is growing. To address the shortage of IT specialists, Dagestan authorities approved a regional program to promote IT professions and provide targeted training. The republic is working actively to enhance the qualifications of teachers and professors. It is also focusing on career guidance for students. The region has started organizing vocational guidance events such as 'Digital Lesson', 'Digital Dictation', 'Digital Day', 'Digital Literacy', etc.

There is also a proposal to introduce new areas of training related to artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. Additionally, digital departments will be created in all the regional universities.

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