Dagestani doctors train in modern neuro-oncology at conference in Astana


On May 27-31, Kazakhstan hosted the conference of the Eurasian Neuroradiology Council, attended by 130 participants from seven countries. The event focused on modern neuro-oncological issues, including topics related to imaging techniques, tumors of the central nervous system, and their monitoring during patient treatment.

Doctors from Dagestan, including those from the Vishnevsky Republican Clinical Hospital and the N.M. Kuraev Children's Republican Clinical Hospital, have participated in the educational event.

"We are dealing with some of the most complex cases of brain cancer. Lecturers from the Burdenko Neurosurgery Center, Pirogov RNIMU and other leading medical centers have come to help us. It's important to note that these lecturers are not just professors and academics, but also practitioners who deal with these issues every day" Aishat Karayeva, the head of the multispiral computed tomography department at Republican Clinical Hospital said.

Radiologist Rusiya Gebekova noted that the organizers managed to create a very rich educational program. The training took place in an intense mode, with lectures being replaced by practical tasks and tests. The series of conferences organized by the Eurasian Neuroradiology Council were held in different countries across the continent, including Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

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