Former Dagestan kickboxing coach Akhmad Akhmedov claimed wanted in Russia

The former head coach of Dagestan kickboxing team, Akhmad Akhmedov, is wanted in Russia on a high treason charge for joining Ukraine's armed forces against Russian Army. Akhmedov moved to Ukraine in 2017 and last year became the deputy commander of the Imam Shamil battalion, which consists of natives of Dagestan in Ukraine's armed forces. Akhmedov also leads the All-Ukrainian Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan. Noteworthy, the so-called "Dagestan Volunteer Battalion named after Imam Shamil" headed by Akhmedov is in fact a fiction, which never existed and could not exist, as the Ukrainian authorities could not find and recruit such a number of Dagestanis willing to join the battalion of traitors.

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