"Kubachi. Aul of ancient masters" documentary is being filmed in Dagestan

According to information of the republican Ministry of Tourism and Folk Crafts, the "Krylya Film Studio" LLC shoots a documentary "Kubachi. Aul of ancient craftsmen" by the initiative of the Public Television of Russia (a Russian federal public TV channel).
The film is dedicated to the history of the ancient village, to Kubachi people, skilled jewelers and gunsmiths as well as to the everyday life and holidays of artisans. Tourism Ministry render assistance to the filming process.

Today the Minister of Tourism and Folk Crafts Emin Merdanov gave an interview to the film director. The top official told about the world-famous Kubachi jewelry art, the work being done to preserve the heritage of Kubachi masters and the impact of tourism on the popularization and development of folk crafts in the region.

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