Residents of Dagestan villages are more active in Internet than cities dwellers

As to Yuri Gamzatov, the regional Minister of Digital Development, the residents of rural areas are more active in the Internet than the cities dwellers. Such data has been announced by the leading cellular operators operating in Dagestan.

The online traffic in the republic for five months of 2023 increased by 12% compared to the same period of the last year.  "At the same time, the share of smartphones among residents of Dagestan villages reached 76.5% - this is even higher than in cities. Mobile Internet is also more actively used in villages: one rural resident averages more than 21 GB of Internet traffic per month, 5% higher than urban users.

The residents willingly try digital innovations, for example, we have already had 30,000 people who enroll their children in the first grade through “Gosuslugi” service, 5,000 of them in Makhachkala" Gamzatov says.

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