School of lecturers of Russian Society "Znanie" opens in Dagestan


In Dagestan, a large-scale project has been launched to train municipal teachers under the auspices of the Russian society "Znanie". The initiative, supported by the government of the republic, aims to improve the quality of education in the region and provide citizens of Dagestan with access to knowledge fr om leading experts.

The first educational platform of the project has opened on June 13 within the Boiling Point at Dagestan State University. Murtazali Rabadanov, the Chairman of Dagestan branch of the Russian society "Znanie" and the Rector of Dagestan State University, opened the event, emphasizing the importance of education in modern world.

The training program, which included a variety of lectures, master classes, and group work, covered a broad range of topics. On the first day, the trainees were introduced to the basics of Russian statehood and geopolitics by Asker Turnovr, a senior researcher at Kabardino-Balkarian State University. He discussed the importance of identity consolidation in all-Russian, regional, and ethnic contexts. Magomed Magomedov, Head of the DGU Coordination Center, then spoke about information warfare as a part of hybrid warfare and the importance of resisting information manipulation. Over the following days, project participants delved deeper into contemporary issues.

The project participants pay special attention to working with young people. The dean of the faculty shared his practical experience of interacting with students in communities and revealed methods for effectively involving young people in educational initiatives. The program of the "School of Lecturers" project by the Russian Society "Znanie" in Dagestan is not just a collection of theoretical knowledge. It is a practical platform wh ere future lecturers can master modern teaching methods, learn how to interact with an audience and use modern technologies in their work.

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