Dagestan bodybuilder Zubair Khalilov gains victory in Rostov

Makhachkala, October 24, 2016. Dagestani athlete Zubair Khalilov became a winner at the competitions in bodybuilding - "Don Cup", held in Rostov-on-Don on October 21-22, the head of Dagestan power triathlon federation Shamil Tulparov says.

"Zubair is only 21 years, but the bodybuilding is more than just a hobby for him. Last year at the same competition, Khalilov obtained the third place, and this year he has taken the first one. We congratulate him, "- Tulparov noted.

Zubair Khalilov, representing the weight category up to 75 kg, was selected as the best bodybuilder. Besides, Dagestani athlete is going to participate in another tournament, held in Krasnodar.

Recall, Zubair Khalilov had been engaged in the professional bodybuilding for three years already.

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