Dagestan darts tournament to attract hundred athletes

Makhachkala, March 18, 2015. About a hundred Dagestani athletes will participate in the republic-wide tournament in darts scheduled to run in Makhachkala on March 21, vice-president of the Dagestan Darts Federation Arip Arimov told RIA Dagestan.

The tournament will assemble about 20 teams from Makhachkala, Derbent, Kizilyurt, Khasavyurt, Yuzhnosukhokumsk, Buynaksk, and Shamil, Charoda, Botlikh, Kizilyurt and Buynaksk regions.

The athletes will compete both individually and in team standings. The tournament will serve as a qualifier for the Dagestan team to participate in the Russian championships that will be held April 3-5 in Elektrostal, Moscow region.

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