Dagestani boxers win medals at All-Russian boxing tournament

Makhachkala, December 22, 2015. Dagestani boxers obtained medals of different values at the All-Russian boxing tournament for the prizes the Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov (class A), held in Grozny on December 15 to 20, the senior coach of Dagestani boxing team Rashidbek Akhmedov says.

About 100 boxers from different regions of Russia attended the competition.

"Dagestani team gained 2 first, 4 second, 6 third places and a second place among the teams after the owners of the ring at the tournament in Grozny," - Akhmedov noted.

The winners of the tournament in the weight categories became Jawhar Alburiev (56 kg) and Islam Medjidov (64 kg), the sportsmen represented Makhachkala boxing schools.

"Both athletes have had four fight. These competitions for Jawhar became the first at senior level, "- Akhmedov concluded. It should be noted that Dagestani team was represented by 31 sportsmen at the tournament in, Chechnya's capital.

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