Dagestani fighter gains victory in WSOF tournament

Makhachkala, January 26, 2016. Dagestani fighter Shamil Gamzatov has successfully debuted in the third leading mixed martial arts league - WSOF, the vice-president of Combat Self-Defense Federation Jamal Kudaev says.

Gamzatov fought against one of the strongest fighters of WSOF light heavyweight champion Teddy Holder. The battle took place in Memphis on January 24.

"The fight between Gamzatov and Holder was transient. Shamil Gamzatov shook his rival with the first blow. The American sportsman started moving back encouraging Dagestani athlete to attack. In a few seconds Dagestani “caught” Holder from the right side. It took Shamil 28 seconds in total to defeat his opponent and finish the battle"- Jamal Kudaev concluded.  

The victory over Holder became the 10th in the professional career of the 25-year-old Shamil Gamzatov.

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