Daghestan Pankration Federation’s fighters to participate in international tournament in Moscow

Makhachkala, February 20, 2014. 5 Dagestan fighters will take part in an international professional pankration tournament in Moscow, President of Daghestan Pankration Federation Imanali Hanipaev says.

The tournament devoted to the Day of the Fatherland Defender will take place in Moscow February 22. The Dagestan team is comprised of fighters from sports clubs such as "Ellada", "Gladiator" and "Battle Eagle". They are Magomedgadzhi Adamov (57 kg), Salim Gadjiyev (67 kg), Salautdin Abushev (70 kg), Kamil Gusseynov (77 kg), and Ruslan Nazhmudinov (84 kg).

Interestingly, this tournament has seen many well-known MMA fighters including Dagestan natives representing Russia in the world's leading fighter's UFC organization Habib Nurmagomedov, Ali Bagautinov, Rustam Hambilov, and Omari Akhmedov.

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