Daghestani swimmer wins five races in SKFO championship

Makhachkala, October 20, 2014. Daghestani swimmer Ruslan Gasanov won five races in the SKFO championship, the coach and the athlete's father Vladimir Gasanov says. The competition took place in Volgograd on October, 17 - 19.

"Having participated in seven races, Ruslan set the best time in five of them. In two contests, he occupied the second and third place, respectively"- Gasanov said.

On the first day of competition Daghestan swimmer excelled in the 100-meter butterfly (56, 59 sec.) and became the second in the 200 meters freestyle (2 min.). On the second day, Ruslan Gasanov won the 50 meters backstroke (27, 83 sec.) and gained the third place in the 400-meter freestyle (4 min. 29 sec.).
In the third and last day of the competition, Daghestani sportsman was the best in all races, where he participated.

“For R. Gasanov, the current sport events will become a qualifying stage for November championship of Russia to be held in Kazan”- the coach concluded.

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